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Hello, Friends in the Lord

​I am looking for those who are interested in learning Japanese language and being a witness for the Lord Jesus in Shizuoka City, Japan.

Are you interested in studying Japanese language and being a witness for the Lord in Japan?


I’d like to assist your 2-year life experience in Shizuoka City, where I live and do an English tutoring business.


You come here, live in the city, go to a local Japanese language school and go to a local Japanese church.


In order to live as a full time language student in Japan, of corse you need a student visa and for that you will have pretty much paper work to do.   I will help you go through the process.


Currently local language schools have too many applicants so the earliest time you can come would probably be October 2024 or April 2025 or even later than that. (For the October 2024 entrance, your Japanese  level should be intermediate or higher. It is equivalent to N3 or higher in JLPT Test.  And if your application is filled by the end of September 2023, you may be able to start from April 2024.)

Here is the cost information:


School tuition : between ¥700,000-800,000/yr

(It varies from schools)

Apartment Rent : ¥50,000-up /month

Utility cost: ¥20,000-up/month

Living expenses: ¥20,000-up/month


The good news is that a full time foreign student is allowed to work 28hours per week.  So it will cover  your expense partially.


Please Google and find where Shizuoka city is.  It is located in the center of Japanese mainland and only 1.5 hours from Tokyo by Shinkansen.  Also the highest mountain in Japan, Mt. Fuji is in Shizuoka Prefecture.  You can enjoy beautiful nature daily and also in your day off you can visit one of the most exciting cities in the world.


I’d like to help as many people as I can, but I will do this by myself, so I am afraid that I need to set some conditions for the applications.


The person must be

20 years or older 

a born again Christian 

an honest and sincere person 


The basic Japanese language skills is preferable but not necessarily.


Please feel free to contact me 👋🙋‍♀️

Contact me at :

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